Meet Kwadwo Saka, the millionaire member of the Wanderlust team who drove from Accra to London.

In the realm of real estate and remarkable feats, Ebenezar Kwadwo Saka Addo-Mensah, affectionately known as Saka stands as a testament to both innovation and determination.

A driving force behind the unprecedented 10,000-kilometer journey from Accra to London, Saka has steered his way into the spotlight as a real estate mogul and a visionary leader.

Behind the wheel of a Ford Raptor, Saka did not only navigate the challenging terrains that bridged continents but also symbolized the spirit of Wanderlust Ghana, a team that has etched its name in the annals of history.

The epic journey, a fusion of adventure and audacity, demonstrated Saka’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and realizing the extraordinary.

As the CEO of Saka Homes, a premier residential and commercial property company in Ghana, his vision extends far beyond the road trip’s finish line.

With a focused mission on catering to the aspirations of middle-income families, Saka Homes has become synonymous with quality, affordability, and innovation.

Saka’s journey to real estate prominence is as inspiring as it is exceptional. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree from the esteemed Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, his foundation is solid.

However, it was his thirst for knowledge and his unwavering pursuit of excellence that led him to acquire an MBA in Marketing from Central University College.

This academic prowess combined with his unyielding drive laid the foundation for enviable success.

In 2017, the world took notice of Saka’s achievements as he graced the cover of the prestigious 20 under 40 Business World magazine.

This accolade did not only celebrate his remarkable accomplishments but also recognized his potential to shape the business landscape for years to come.

Beyond the accolades and achievements, Saka’s story resonates as an embodiment of the Ghanaian spirit – one that thrives on resilience, innovation, and community.

His determination to provide quality housing solutions to middle-income families reflects his deep-rooted commitment to fostering growth and improving lives.

As Saka continues to steer Saka Homes towards greater heights, his legacy stands as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and adventurers alike.

Ebenezar Kwadwo Saka Addo-Mensah’s journey is a reminder that dreams, when fueled by passion and fortified by perseverance, can lead to remarkable achievements that reverberate far beyond borders.

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